Prayers: May 2016

  • Oh Lord, You are everything to me. Have your way in me. I lift my hands high to praise You. I love You.

    Paul Gee / May 31, 2016

  • Oh God, thank you for this country. You keep me safe when times are hard. I will fight for your cause all of my life. I will give you honor until I die. You come to my rescue when times are hard. You never let me down. I can trust you for you never forsake me.

    Paul Gee / May 30, 2016

  • Oh lord, you stole my heart. I run to You for You light up my life. You keep me safe and never let me go. Your love has taken hold of me and I am changed forevermore. Take my life and my heart. Lead me by the hand. You are everything to me. There is nothing like your love. I am amazed by the joy I feel in my heart. I lift up my hands high to praise your Holy Name. I love You.

    Paul Gee / May 29, 2016

  • Oh Lord, I will go where you lead me. Just say the word and I’ll be there. I call upon your name and worship You. I am listening to You and will follow your counsel. I will answer when you call my name. I give you my life. You have healed the stains in my heart. For that I am eternally grateful. I will share your message of hope with the world. I will not look back until the lost are found. I love You Lord.

    Paul Gee / May 19, 2016

  • Oh Lord, You are my God and I worship You. I cherish your holy words. You are in my heart. I can hear your voice. I give you my life. My life is in your hands. I surrender all to follow You. I want to always be with You. I love your presence.

    Paul Gee / May 18, 2016

  • Oh Lord, I am alive in your love. Thank you for freeing me from captivity. I will forever praise You. I love You and honor You.

    Paul Gee / May 17, 2016

  • Oh Lord, you are the rock on which I stand. You are most important in my life. I believe in You. You have set me free from a life of sin. I am alive in You. Each day I recommit my life to You. I sing to your Holy Name. Let my praises reach You in the heavens above.

    Paul Gee / May 16, 2016

  • Oh Lord, thank You for the cross. You found me and had mercy. I will follow You wherever you lead me. I fall to my knees to worship You. I love You, Lord.

    Paul Gee / May 14, 2016

  • Oh Lord, you are everything to me. You light up my life. You bring me joy. Your Word feeds my soul. I am alive in your love. Thank you for rescuing me from a life of sin. I am free. My chains are gone. You are so merciful and kind. It’s because of your sacrifice on the cross that I am forgiven. Thank you so much for dying for me. You give me courage for another day. I’ve felt your amazing grace and it has changed my life. I can’t hold the praise I feel for You in my heart. I love to sing to You Lord. You are my King and I will worship You. I live each day to follow You. The Spirit gives me direction in my life. I would be so lost without You. You give me courage to overcome trials. You give me strength when I am week. To walk with You is an eternal blessing. I am safe because you are with me. I love your presence. My heart sings hallelujah to your name. I love You and praise your Holy Name.

    Paul Gee / May 11, 2016

  • Oh Lord, I love You. I offer my heart and soul to You, Jesus. My time is your time. Lead me and I will go. My life is complete because I have You. All that I am is for you, my Savior. I surrender my life to You. I will live by your word. You bring me eternal joy.

    Paul Gee / May 10, 2016

  • Oh Lord, break free the chains that have us captive. Heal our hearts from iniquity. Lead us back to You. Bring back to life all those that are dead. Make them new creatures before You. Wash away their sins. I have hope in your love for it never fails.

    Paul Gee / May 7, 2016

  • Oh Lord, when I am alone, fill me with your love. Let my thoughts be clean before You. Let my mind be focused on You each day that I wake. Let me always find time for worship. Let my heart find rest in your presence. Let my mind be opened to your truth as I read the Bible. Your love is most important in my life. I love and adore You. Be with me always. I will love and cherish You all the days of my life. Till my dying breath I will worship You. I can’t wait to one day greet You with joy in heaven.

    Paul Gee / May 5, 2016

  • Oh Lord, I love You and honor You. Help me to always seek your Face. Let nothing come before You Lord. Let my soul be revived in your Love daily. You are merciful and kind. You have redeemed my soul. I pray that the lost may be awaken to your Love. Open their hearts so that your Words may touch their lives.

    Paul Gee / May 3, 2016

  • Oh Lord, I find rest in your presence. I praise your Holy Name. Thank You for your kindness. Your sacrifice on the cross means more to me than I’ll ever know. Through your blood I am washed clean. You have overcome death that I might become worthy. You bring life to all those that are weary. It brings me pleasure to serve my King. Your love burns within me. Jesus, I love You with all my soul.

    Paul Gee / May 2, 2016

  • I pray that we all become true followers of the Lord. Oh Lord, we love You and honor You. Let your will be done. Awaken all people to your mercy. Give them a renewed heart to follow You.

    Paul Gee / May 1, 2016

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