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Category: Temptation

Fight Against Temptation

With the Lord on our side, we become valiant fighters for His kingdom. We understand that the Lord knows us well and is able to see through our weaknesses and give us strengths.

Run From Sin

Do we run from our sins or let the sin take root in our lives? When we face a temptation do we easily give way to it or do we put up our guards to deflect it?

Flee From Temptation

I am thankful that God can take me out of temptation. Even when my flesh feels so weak inside I know there is a way out.

Jesus Brings Happiness

Though the appearance of this world is engaging it doesn’t compare to the blessings of God. Temptation of the devil is only fooling us.

Come And Sing Out To Jesus

Hallelujah, for our King reigns on high. He is our Holy King, our Eternal Father. Glory and honor to Jesus. Let us come together and worship Him.

Who Will Enter Heaven?

Jesus has taught us how to live our lives in order to inherit the kingdom of heaven. It is made clear that sinners will have no place there.

Jesus Is Our Shield

The Lord cares so deeply for each of us. When we turn to Him, He is right by our side and we “shall not be moved”.

My Life Is Yours

Oh Lord, I can feel your great love. You are always there for me. I can count on You. I am no longer weak but strong in your will, oh God.

By Grace We Are Saved Through Faith

It is our faith in Christ that changes our lives. Through the grace of God we have hope for a better day. Our lives are changed and the veil is removed from our eyes.

Baptized Into Christ Jesus

When we follow Jesus through baptism, our lives are changed forever. As we go down into the water, Christ is with us, unto death.

The Name Of Jesus

Let the Name of Jesus be written in your hearts. Pray that He will always be with you. When all is said and done let your life give praise to the Lord.

Cling To What Is Good

When I lost my heart, I found You. When I finally put down my lusts and addictions I found your presence. I still struggle with temptations but You lift me up.

Our Great Protector

The Lord loves His children. He can see through our busy lives and knows who truly loves Him. His faithful sings praises to His Name.

Arise And Follow The Lord

If the Lord asks me to arise, I shall go. The kingdom of God has been declared and I will follow it. I know where He is leading me is fruitful. His ways are honest and true.

Love Is Amazing

How amazing would it be if Christians marry someone who holds the same beliefs and values. Dating within the walls of your faith will bring much more joy to your marriage.

Receive Jesus As Lord

The Lord knows what is best for us. We must turn to Him before the time is up. Jesus is coming quickly. Receive Him and be saved.

God’s Mercy

Oh Lord, your love is deeper than the ocean. There is no end to your mercy. The joy I feel when I am around you is overwhelming.

Come To Know God

To know God is more valuable than anything I know. Salvation is in His hands. Prayer to our Lord Almighty is the high point of my day. I am safe when He is near.

We Are Forgiven

Even when we have fallen, there still is hope. We can either soak in our mistakes or come back to Jesus. Jesus casts aside all shame. His mercy is for all the broken.

Set Free In Jesus

Our lives are set free through the blood of Christ. Rise up and fill your time in prayer and reading the Word of God.

Have Mercy Lord

Lord, we come to You with open arms. Forgive us of our trespasses. We are sorry for giving into our inner lusts. Let your mercy shine down upon us.

Thankful For Women

When Rebekah and Isaac were first trying to have kids they had a hard time. It was his plea to God that led his wife to conceive and bear their first children.

Be Near Oh Lord

It is only through Jesus that we can be saved. Make a promise this day to follow Him. Your time on earth is numbered. No one knows the times and seasons.

God Delivers Us

We need to be fervent in prayer and let the Lord direct our lives. Only through God can we be delivered from sin. Seek Him and He will never let you go.

Live For God And Live

The Lord is looking for a few good men and women to fight for His cause. We can either be His disciples or lay down in our pride.

Worship The Lord

God will protect you from harm if you trust in Him. The Lord is our fortress. We can depend upon Him. Give Him thanks in worship, each day, for He is good.