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Category: Priorities

Hunger For The Lord

How blessed is the person who seeks after the Lord for they shall be filled. They shall be engulfed with the Holy Spirit.

Seek The Kingdom Of God

We are either full of darkness because of the idols, sins and other worldly habits in our lives or our walk is in the light of Christ.

Mind Focused On God

Give your heart to God. Make time for Him in your life. Above all do things that give Him honor.

My Heart Is Yours

When the Spirit of the Lord is among us we will learn knowledge. He will instruct us to do His will. He will “guide your heart in the way” that is wise.

Walk In The Light

When I started praying, I could feel the presence of the Lord. His love was all around me. Reading the Bible drew me closer to Jesus each day that I read.

Cast Aside Your Idols

Living a life of sin can drive someone to lust after what isn’t ours. This physical joy can toy around with us and make us believe that it will last.

God Is Most Important

Spending time in prayer will help us develop a relationship with God. His love will come into our heart and burst forth out of us.

Cast Out Your Idols

Anything that is put in place of God is an idol. if we keep serving the idol, the larger it will get, until it has taken us over.

Come Back To The Lord

Nothing will give us eternal satisfaction but God. There is hope for any of you that have fallen away from God.

Turn Away From The World

Nothing we hold of value will be available in the next life. Seek God’s righteousness and you will find true joy.

Give Your Time To God

Is God most important to you? Do you make time for Him in your life? Examine your priorities. Give yourself freely over to God.

Jesus Is Most Important

Anything that the world puts ahead of Jesus is not worth living for. Only through following Jesus will be saved. He should be our number one focus.

Where Are Your Priorities?

My priorities with God are in prayer, His Word, music, church, and spreading His Gospel. I can feel the Lord’s Presence.