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Category: Pride

Watch Your Tongue

I have met so many people that call themselves Christians, however, their life is not for the Lord. They live apart from His will.

Lower Your Pride And Pray

The Lord has heard my cries when I was down and depressed. I had known in my heart that I had left God. My life was full of sin and wickedness.

Walk In Humility

Let us learn from the greatest teacher of all, Christ the Lord. He didn’t just teach but did it in humility.

Cast Aside Your Pride

Seek to make a truce between you and the offended. Do the necessary things to make things right. Cast out your pride. Love one another.

Tower Of Babel

We are not much different than those that built the tower of Babel. Most people’s lives are focused on wealth and self-gratification above all things.

Lay Down Your Pride

We need to be found wanting to be part of the Lord’s kingdom. We need to look past ourselves and look to God.

Only Jesus Saves

Living a life of sin is not worth it. All the world can offer us is temporary joy. True joy is found in Jesus. Give your life to Him.