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Category: Marriage

Respect The Marriage Bed

To all men and women, understand that if you have an addiction to pornography, it will not get any better in marriage.

Labor For God

When we are living a life for Christ, we will discover the joy of the Lord. We are able to rest from our day without fear or regret, for God’s love is over us.

Love And Marriage

As I’ve found out over time, both spouses have very different needs that need to be met, in order to have a healthy marriage.

Love Between Husband and Wife

One thing the Lord has taught me in my marriage is you can never tell your spouse I love you enough. This phrase will never get old.

Jesus’s Answers On Divorce

When I read the verses about leaving my wife for any reason, I could hear Jesus say, “what God has joined together, let not man separate.”

Stay True To God

We must keep high standards and not be like the world. As we stay true to the Bible we will know what is true and what is false. Take courage and be strong in the faith of Jesus.

Love Is Amazing

How amazing would it be if Christians marry someone who holds the same beliefs and values. Dating within the walls of your faith will bring much more joy to your marriage.

The Lord Blesses Our Families

All those that live their lives for God will be abundantly blessed. Nothing on earth can match the blessings of God. He opens the heavens to bestow healing for the sick.

Thankful For Women

When Rebekah and Isaac were first trying to have kids they had a hard time. It was his plea to God that led his wife to conceive and bear their first children.

Marriage That Trusts In God

As we put our trust in God all things are possible. His promises are true. We can look to Him to find our answers. If we let Him in, He will lead us to our one true love in Christ.

Marriage Founded On God

Marriage isn’t always easy. This is because our wedding doesn’t always start off in the ways of the Lord. Instead people misinterpret lust for love.

Thanks To All Women

The Lord surely gave woman the ability to calm their children. Everything you do is so amazing. You are changing the world because of your love.

Marriage Built On The Lord

God desires that we follow the footsteps of our parents and get married. How amazing it is when we can find someone to love for ourselves.

Let Love Rule Your Marriage

My life was in ruins until I came to Christ. I pleaded with Him to help my marriage. I pleaded for another chance at life.

If You Love God Love Your Spouse

Develop a deeper relationship with the Lord. Let Him strengthen your marriage. Complement your spouse each day and tell them you love them.

When Marriage Is Hard Seek The Lord

Even when times are hard stick by your spouse. Tell them that you love them. Seek the Lord’s love so that you may love your spouse with an even greater love.

Love Your Spouse And Pray Always

If we love the Lord, we will seek Him always. Each time we come to the Lord in prayer let us pray for our spouse. That we might grow together in the Lord.

Love Your Spouse

As you love Jesus also love your spouse. We need to love our spouse as much as we love Him. Let Jesus be the center of your marriage.