Category: Jesus’s Birth

My Hope Is In Christ Alone

There is no one else that can do a work like Jesus can for our lives. He is our comforter when all seems lost. He overcomes the darkness and shines bright to guide us.

The Reason For Jesus’s Birth

We have much to be grateful for, for though we are fallen He gives us new life. He takes us in because of His great love. Our evil tendencies are replaced by righteous habits.

The Humble Birth Of Jesus

To Jesus I praise. In this Christmas season I give thanks for His birth. Everything that I cherish is all because He came into the world.

Mary Rejoices In The Lord

How blessed is Mary among women. She was a chosen vessel to bring forth the Son of God. Her story was of amazing love for her Son Jesus.

Mary’s Angelic Visit

Through the Holy Spirit the King of kings was born. “For with God nothing” is impossible. It was a miracle of all miracles to have the Son of God be born to a virgin.

Let Us Remember Our Lord, Jesus Christ

Let us remember our Dear Lord, Jesus Christ. As we celebrate His Holy Birth. Let us give our hearts to Him. Look up into the heavens and thank Him. Be uplifted up in songs that give Him praise. For He deserves all praise. It is only in Jesus’s Kingdom that we will be saved. For He […]

Rejoice In The Birth Of Jesus Christ

Let us all rejoice in the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Let His Name be ever praised.  He is my Holy King!  I lift You High! Isaiah 9:6 6 For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be […]

How Would You Feel At Jesus’s Birth?

I rejoice in the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I marvel how it would have been if I could’ve witnessed it. If I was a Shepherd that night and to witness a host of Angels praising our Lord and telling us of His birth. My heart would be burning inside. The anxiety of being able […]

Is There Room For Jesus?

Is there room in your heart for Jesus? Will you let this miracle in? God’s own son has come to save us. He was born for me and you. Before Jesus was born there was no room for Him in an Inn. Nobody was willing to open their doors to Him. The only place that had […]

I Welcome You Lord

I welcome You Lord on this Holy Day. I feel Your Holy Presence. You are Mighty! You are Glorious! You are Wondrous! I am so thankful that You came down to rescue me. You are so Merciful! You are so Kind! All honor and praise be to Your Name! I dedicate this day, Your Holy Birth, […]

Give Your Life To Jesus

How amazing it is when a person gives their life to Jesus. The light of Jesus is in their hearts. Their joy becomes exceedingly glad for Him. Jesus’s love transcends everything around them. Jesus’s love is reflected in their lives. Their love for others is vibrant. We can’t help but notice a change in their lives. […]