Category: False Teachings

Endure To The End And Do Not Be Deceived

This is the time to make our lives right with the Lord. We must be familiar with what the Bible teaches or else we will be easily deceived by doctrines that resemble God’s Word.

Only One God

There are no other gods beside God, the Father. Cast aside any false teachings about God in your heart.

False Christs Are Here To Deceive

Jesus taught of false christs in the world today. His coming is soon. Be watchful and ready when He does come.

Do Not Add To God’s Truth

My prayer is that people come to know Jesus. Read the Bible and you will understand the importance of the Lord in your lives.

Armor Of God

Be prayerful always that God may be with You. It is my prayer that You open your mind to Him. We will not be able to withstand false teachings if our faith is not rooted in truth.

False Prophets

To follow any one but Christ alone leads to death. Our eyes must be opened to the Lord lest we fall into dark paths that don’t bear light.

Speak Out Against False Doctrines

Share the love of Jesus to the lost. Tell them of His great mercy and love for all that come to Him.

Test God’s Truth In The Bible

Be ready and willing to test out God’s truth in the Bible. Don’t be deceived by man made beliefs.

Conform To God And Not Man

It saddens me to see so many people deceived. I declare that man-made truths will not save us.

Call Out The Lost

Proclaim the truth to the Lost , like Jesus. Approaching them is not hurtful but loving.

Leave Everything For Jesus

To Jesus I give everything. Nothing is more important than to follow Him.

Do Not Add To The Bible

Do not accept another gospel even if an angel preaches it. Do not listen to those that preach another Jesus outside the Bible.

No Marriage In Heaven

The Mormon Church teaches that people can be married for time and all eternity. Meaning their marriage will continue after this life.

God’s Word Is In The Bible

If any of you are following a religion that has beliefs outside the Bible I pray that you stop attending. No longer do things that feel comfortable to You but with God.

Believe In Jesus Of The Bible

What saddens me is that many people I’ve talked to are closed off to God’s Word. What they’ve learned throughout their life is more important than hearing the gospel of the Bible.

Beware Of False Prophets

In our day, there are many false prophets. They come as godly men but “but inwardly they are ravenous wolves”.

Don’t Be Deceived

Our hearts must be broken in order to let the Spirit convict us of the truth. To continue living a lie will only push God away.

The Gospel Of Jesus Is Found In The Bible

Don’t be deceived by another gospel. We can find all truth in the Bible. Seek the truth and follow God’s counsel.

Read God’s Word And Don’t Be Deceived

Read the Bible every day. Let God’s truths fill your hearts. Only by studying the Word of God will we truly know God. We will learn to walk in His ways.

Enter Into The Straight And Narrow Gate

Don’t be deceived by what the world offers. Although it might look appealing and touch our every emotion it will only lead to death.