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Category: Death

Saved From Death Into Life

The next day, I turned on a Christian radio station and the song lifesong, by Casting Crowns, was playing. In this moment, an incredible feeling of peace came over me.

Care For The Sick

My family brings me great joy. I thank the Lord for them in my life. I love being around them. It’s love that brings us all together. It breaks my heart when they are sick.

Be Near Oh Lord

It is only through Jesus that we can be saved. Make a promise this day to follow Him. Your time on earth is numbered. No one knows the times and seasons.

All Life Passes Away

Everything we have dear to us will one day pass away. Though this life is short we should continue building good bonds that are tied in Christ Jesus.

Prepare To Meet God

Come to the Lord in prayer and repent of your sins. Seek the Lord’s mercy and you shall be healed. If you sincerely desire for change you shall be forgiven.