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Category: Church

Fellowship With One Another

May you all come to Christ and allow Him to give you boldness. May the Lord, open your heart to talk to people, even when you are more often shy than not.

Church Is The Body Of Christ

Don’t be a phony but a warrior for Christ. When all your friends are going out drinking and invite you to tag along, just say no.

Who Do You Follow?

Paul taught about people being divided in the faith. Some would say to him, “I am of Paul; and I of Apollos; and I of Cephas; and I of Christ.”

Churches In Our Day

There is no other way to heaven but through Jesus Christ. The words of the Bible are our guide. Those that read God’s word daily will know the way.

Bringing Church Home

I am just so grateful for this experience to bring church to Victor’s home. He surely needed God’s help in his life.

God Loves All

To learn of God is a blessing. Each time I study the Bible my heart is overwhelmed by the Lord’s great love. I thank the Lord in prayer for showing such kindness to us all.

Give Your Heart To Jesus

We must not rely on other people who know God. There words are great but if we don’t have the Lord in our lives than we won’t be saved.

Surrender To Jesus

I proclaim to all people that Jesus is the way to salvation. If you have not changed your life and given yourselves to Him do it today. It’s never too late.

Offerings To God

We can either help in God’s work or sit quiet and just go to church on Sunday. My heart is all in for Jesus. I will offer up my life to serve Him.

An Offering To The Lord

Be found selfless before the Lord. Offer up your time to Him. Make more time in your daily life for Godly things. Share His gospel with others.

Rejoice In The Lord

Give thanks to our God. Sing to the Lord and give Him praise. We are so blessed to have such a loving Savior.

Come Worship The Lord

I delight to worship the Lord. He means more than anything. I love His message of hope. When I sing, I lift Him up in praise.

Praise The Lord In Song

I love to praise You, Lord. I love to worship You. When I sing, I sing out in praise. With all of my heart I will give You glory. I live my life for You.