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Category: Change

Repent And Let God Change You

Everyone that does not abide by the commands of God will be punished. To live in your own way of life is also living apart from the Lord and telling Him He does not matter.

The Lord Gives Us A New Heart

You may have once had faith in God but since backslidden and gone after your own ways. In all this, your life is not over yet.

Walk Apart From The World

It is my heart’s desire to do God’s will. I know that there are many things in this world that can take me away from His presence.

Follow The Spirit

When we follow the Lord’s will instead of our own many great things will take place. We will become honest and true amongst others.

We Are Made New

I am so amazed at the love of Jesus. There is no one like our God. He is my salvation. Praise the Lord. Hosanna to the highest. Glory to God.

Set Free In Jesus

Our lives are set free through the blood of Christ. Rise up and fill your time in prayer and reading the Word of God.

Don’t Give Up

When we are tied down in addiction we may not feel up to change. Our hearts are so hooked that we lose all courage to do good. The Lord knows our struggles.

Jesus Is My Healer

Oh Lord, your love has taken me by storm. I was lost but am made whole again. You have taken my chains and made me free.

God Delivers Us

We need to be fervent in prayer and let the Lord direct our lives. Only through God can we be delivered from sin. Seek Him and He will never let you go.

The Lord Knows All

The Lord can see how we truly feel for Him deep down in our hearts. If we love Him, we will believe and trust in Him always.

Live For God

We must control our lusts before God. If we are easily given over to the flesh than there is something wrong with our lives.

God Transforms Lives

When God is among us there is nothing He cannot do. He has a plan for everyone. We never know what is in store for us.

Examine Your Life

I gave Jesus my heart and He changed it from within. He took away all my guilt and filled it with love. Jesus saved my soul from Hell.

There Is Freedom In The Lord

One day all the wicked shall be destroyed. The Lord plays no part in iniquity. There is still time for all sinners to come to Christ.

Conform To God’s Will

Seek the Lords love and you will be satisfied. His love is like a cool breeze in a hot sunny day. It feels amazing and cools our raging hearts.

Recommit To The Lord

Come to the Lord with a sincere heart in prayer. Unload everything that is on your mind. Cry out to Him for comfort.

Set Your Mind On The Lord

Let the Lord guide your thoughts. Come to Him and your mind will be renewed. Our thoughts will be made clean. Our hearts will be made pure.

We Are Alive In Jesus

Give your whole heart to Jesus. Give up a life of sin. Let Jesus change you from within. Let Him heal your heart. That we can be made alive in Him.

Jesus Helps Us Resist Temptation

Don’t let Satan hold you captive under sin. Come to the Lord and let Him give you courage to resist temptation. Let Him free you from bondage.

Live Your Life For Jesus

In everything we do, we should do it for Jesus. We need to live and die for the Lord. For only through Him will we be saved.

Choose Friends Wisely

We need to put God first in our lives. Give up anything that is holding you back from God. Come to the Lord and He will give you strength to resist temptation.

Run To The Lord

Run to Jesus. For He is waiting for You. When you come to Him He will listen. He will wipe away your tears. He will take away your sorrow.

Overcoming Sexual Sin

If you have an issue with sexual sin in your life come to the Lord with it. Discover a new relationship with Him. Give your sin to Him.