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Category: Belief

The Bible Leads Us To Christ

Both Jesus and the Bible are called the “Word of God”. You cannot even have one without the other. It would be incomplete.

Repent And Believe In Jesus

If you are living apart from the living God, then repent. Come unto Jesus, our Savior. Call upon His Name right now.

Believe And Serve The Lord

Who’s side are you on? Are you living a life for God or yourself? Your words don’t mean nothing if your heart is far from God.

Are You God’s Sheep?

You may have been outside of the flock of Jesus but there still is hope. Repent, this day. Get down on your knees and pray to God with all your heart.

Faith Built On The Bible

No matter the appearance of the church we go to, if their teachings are not Biblical than leave that faith.

Our Faith In Jesus

Seek to love one another as you love God. This is the greatest commandment of God. We are in the faith when we obey God’s commandments.

Our Belief In Jesus

Repent and come to Jesus to be saved. Come to know Him personally as your Lord and Savior. A relationship will be built as you read the Holy Bible.

Narrow Or Wide Gate?

It is only those that know the Lord that will be saved. All those that proclaim Him but are sinners in their hearts will never know Him.

The Lord Brings True Joy

Seek to know the truth of God. Be teachable to the Lord in prayer. Let the Spirit move within You. Let the Lord lead you and be kind towards one another.

Believe In Our Lord Jesus

It takes more than just seeking the Lord. We must believe that He is Lord. We must accept Him into our hearts. We must repent and forsake our sins.

Build Up Your Faith In Jesus

Run to the Lord that you may be filled with His love. Keep yourself close to His heart. He will feed your soul with love.

Add To Your Faith

Continue to add to your faith each day. Come to know Jesus and you will make better choices. His love will grow within you.

Have Faith In Jesus

Even though I have never seen the Lord I believe in Him. I can feel His presence. The Spirit testifies that He lives.

My Faith Is In Jesus

Each day my faith in Jesus is strengthened. As I read the Word of God it testifies of Him. As I pray I can feel His holy presence.

Jesus, I Believe

Jesus, You are the one I believe in. There is nothing on earth more important than You. You are who I live for. For You are my salvation.

Believe In Jesus

Jesus I love You. You give me strength to overcome sin. You lift me up each day and give me courage. You are worth believing in.

This I Believe

Jesus’s love changes lives. Jesus can take us out of the pit of sin and transform our heart. Once we accept Jesus in our lives He will send His Holy Spirit into our hearts.