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Category: Prayers (11-2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will not only get right with You but also see the importance of living out their faith. Then, will they go the extra mile to do as You command them. People's sinful desires are keeping them from following You, and I pray that You will remove these things from their lives, in Your mighty Name, Jesus. To many people now don't understand the need to do as You say, but as they think only. Oh, how foolish people are, by thinking that all they need to do is believe in You, and then they are saved. If they just knew that faith equals faithfulness to You also. For how can we show that we love You, if we are not doing as You would have us do. It is like saying that I love my wife or my parents, but I never listen to them or obey what they say. What hypocrisy is in the hearts of too many so-called Christians. This grieves my heart Lord, to think that people are not reading the Bible daily, and then if they are, they are not doing as You have taught them, in scripture. They may read and received counsel from You, oh Lord, but really do they consume what they've learned for themselves and have not done anything with it. For this reason, is the Holy Spirit pertinent to our lives. Because without it, we are not able to love others like You do. And without being born again in the Spirit, our faith is really selfish faith and not bearing any fruits at all. So Lord, help us look past ourselves and start showing kindness to everyone around us. If someone has a need, may we stop what we are doing and care for that person. I believe in and trust in what You have taught us. Therefore, I obey Your commands, because I love You, Lord. Amen.
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Jesus, thank You for loving me. You have spoken new life into my soul and I am so grateful. I was lost and then You found me. How deep is Your love? What I have with You is enough. You make me complete. Surely only You could change a lost soul, such as I, and lead me on Your righteous path. I know it took a lot of sweat and tears to start moving in me and to take away all the wickedness and filth from my life, but You stuck with me and gave me clean hands in the end. All my sins have been forgiven and forgotten because of Your mercy and grace. Thank You Lord. Thank You for the cross. What You did for me has changed my whole life. Thank You for willfully dying on the cross and being the payment of sins for me and for everyone that believes in You. Lord, Your ways are amazing and I cannot stop learning from Your Words in the Bible. You have taught me so much over these last few years and my mind has been officially blown by what I have found and learned. Surely, the greatest part of my day now is opening up the Bible and studying it. Then, do You speak wisdom to my soul. I now know how to live my life and be fruitful in Your sight, because Your Words are in my heart continually. They are a lamp unto my feet and I love every You've spoken. You have lighted up my life and I am so happy. There is more joy now than any time in the past. I love You Lord. My heart cries out in praise and worship to Your holy Name. Holy, holy are You Lord. May I always be filled with Your love and the Holy Spirit in my life. I need You with me always, in order to be safe from the enemy. So lead me now by Your hand and away from temptation. I need Your armor and no more brokenness because of sin. Let there be no more guilt or shame in my life. All I need to be happy is to be filled with Your presence. Then, will Your joy and happiness take me places that I've never gone before. I trust in You, Lord. I am excited because of what You doing for my life. I love You. Amen.
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Lord, help us to always be the person You desire us to be. I want to live up to Your standards, but need Your assistance at all times, in order for this to come true. Your ways are what leads to life eternal and I wish that I may always abide in Your presence. This way, would I never fall victim to living in any addiction or willful sin, but follow Your will for my life. And if I do fall because of sin and temptation, sorrow for sin does enter my soul, but I know that You are there to heal me. Only You have the power to cleanse us from all sin, so I run from the wickedness in my life and into Your open arms. I love You more than anything this world can offer. Nobody could lead me to heaven, apart from Your guidance. Therefore, I wish for You to always be near me. Help me to always realize what I have in the faith, that I may never let go of it. Lord, Your morals and standards are important to my life, so I pray that we may never forfeit them, in order to feel safe around others and in this life. Surely our belief in You should always be on solid ground and not let anything or anyone deplete it. You are our rock and our fortress, and when we rest on You all things make sense, and we know the right path to follow. We don't have to lie in front of people about our lives, for we are living examples of what You would make us out to be. Lying is never right, for it would deceive others of the person I am and wish to be in You, Lord. I love You, Lord. Keep my eyes fixed from You. I believe in You. You are my Lord and I trust in You, God. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people will be comforted in their trials. Through every trial and tribulation, give them rest from the cares of this life. Help direct them to safety, that they might find peace from all their distress. Come and wipe away their tears, that they might be comforted. Lead them to good people that will help them and care for their needs. You are our God and always have the best in store for us. So help everyone that is in need right now, in Your might name Jesus. You are our healer and have the power to break every chain of darkness. No matter the addiction that is in our lives or the person's life that is affecting us wrongfully, all this can be cast out, if we but trust in You. Because You are able to meet us in our greatest needs, we do find joy in moments that seem impossible. This is because depression has no match to Your kindness and mercy. Every evil spirit has to heed to Your call, and therefore sickness, pain, depression, and even suicidal thoughts are replaced with Your love. Yes God, Your love can change the atmosphere, when nothing can. This is especially true when people of faith act out in love towards their neighbor. You are then able to work through these people, as Your messengers, and bring peace and joy into people's lives that are suffering. Thank You Lord for doing this, and for leading people into my life, of which have been helped immensely when I was suffering. I needed Your comfort, and it was given. Thank You Jesus. I love You Lord. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people will start to look to You in faith. Then, will you be able to help them forgive those that have mistreated them recently and over the years. You will also be able to help such people to tear down any walls that are up now. And if there is any jealousy or covetous thoughts, those will be lifted as well. Instead, these wicked desires will be expelled, and Your forgiveness will be in our hearts. Not only will we be forgiven, but Your forgiveness will also be shown to everyone that has wronged us. There will be no more hard feelings for what has taken place, for You, Lord, will help that person get over what has happened. It does take a great deal of faith to rely on Your sanctification in our lives. When we truly believe in You, we also allow anything that is troubling us to be in Your hands. We don't want anything to boil over, but to allow You to make things right again. This happens when our love for You is showcased through our love for others also. It may be hard for us to tell a person that has hurt us or even betrayed us, to tell them that they are welcome again in our lives, but You are able to help us do this, if that is Your will. If it isn't Your will, then You will at least help us know how to close the ties on a bad relationship, and help us move forward in life. There will be no more animosity in our hearts towards these people, but only love. As You have taught us, Lord, to love our neighbor and even our enemy, I will do this. It brings me great joy to see people happy. Thank You for changing my wicked heart to see this. I love You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray for every person that desires to be saved. May they also be willing to allow You to lead them. Then can they be safe in this world and not stumble by the hands of the enemy. You are our shelter and are able to give us the strength we need to carry on. Even when we think our patience is dried up, You fill us up and we have more patience than ever before. Even our love for others is elevated to the point of loving all people, as You love us. Thank You for putting your kindness in our hearts, that we might demonstrate what true love is. Oh how I love Your ways, God. Surely, the enemy has no chance of taking us down, when Your presence is in inside of us. You've build me up with armor, that I might be able to fight against temptation and win the battle. Thank You for giving me such strength and determination to go all in and never look back. It is all because You have saved me. I was once so lost and You rescued me. Though I was covered in all my sins, You heard my cries and showed me mercy and compassion. In my tears did You wash me of all my transgressions and put inside of me a new heart. How could You save a wretch like me? Wow, You are so good. I don't deserve Your forgiveness, but still You've shown it time and time again, no matter what. I love You Lord. You are my God and I am so glad to have found and to be in Your light. It gives me great joy to follow You now. All the praise and glory to Your holy Name, Jesus. Thank You Lord for everything you do for my life and others through me. Amen.
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Lord, I am amazed at your mighty power and all you can do for our lives. Surely, we are weak, but are made strong in Your hands. Though the battle is raging, You are our defender and gives us courage to fight the enemy. You are there to give us counsel and show us exactly what to do. Thank You Lord. I love it when You show me things. Your counsel and even visions are the greatest help I could ever need. Thank You for never letting me down and for continually filling me with the Spirit and your love. I love You so much God. I am so joyful, because You are near. Thank You for defending me and for being my shield. You have never let me know down, and I trust that You never will. What a great God I serve. Hallelujah, for You are alive and working in my life and others in the faith. You reign supreme and I am Your witness for all the world to know of your truth and might. May people from all the world be filled with the Holy Spirit, that they know what is true wisdom and counsel. Then will they know what to do and believe in, in this life, and also know the right path to follow. Thank You for guiding my life, and putting me on Your path of righteousness. I didn't deserve Your compassion and mercy, but still You came to my rescue and have been my helpmate. Since the day that I gave You my whole heart, I have been washed by Your mercy. Lord, thank You so much. Please continue to be with me. I need You to light up my life, that I may not fall victim to sin and temptation. I trust in You to build me up with Your armor. Then, can I go to battle and come out of victorious. I can do all things, because Your Spirit dwells inside of me. Thank You Jesus. I love You. Your ways are holy and I honor You. All the praise and glory to Your Name. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I love You. You are my greatest joy of all. I can have nothing, but if I have You in my life, I am happy. It is because You are the supplier of my joy and comfort, that I have strength in this life. The enemy has no chance to take me down, for You are my shield. You give me peace even when trials come, because You are always there to lift me up. Truly, there are many distractions in this life that could keep me away from You, but the devil can keep trying, for You mean more to me than the worldly things He offers. Lord, I'd rather give my time to You in studying the Bible, in prayer, praise and worship, and doing Your will, than to binge watch things on TV. Surely, You mean more to me than allowing wickedness to creep into my life. So continue to shield my eyes from the wickedness of this world. Keep me on your righteous path. Help me to continue to seek You first in my life. I also pray for others that are currently in sin and have their priorities backwards. Lord, convict them of the bad choices they are making, and direct them on Your holy path. Many people are seeking things that they deem important, when really it only goes against Your will. So help them not be wise in their own eyes any longer. Then, will they make better decisions when it comes to how much TV they watch and what they watch. Also, will their time spent on their phone and other devices be limited, while allowing the Bible to be accessed more. It is when we put You first is when reading Your Words and praying becomes a priority in our lives. Otherwise, we will only make excuses when it comes to reading, praying and even doing Your will. Lord, You are worth living for, and I pray that everyone that says they believe will also start believing in this also. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray for every marriage that is struggling right now. You are our healer and have the power to bring restoration to it. Marriage is hard enough when we have financial issues, but when love is missing, that can really be difficult. And I know, Lord, how important love really is, in order to carry on in a marriage. Since divorce is never a good option, that must mean that You can take every bad situation and breathe new life into it. We can't make things right on our own, but through Your strength and mighty power are we healed. So I pray for a complete restoration in my marriage also. May my spouse fully surrender to You, that You may pour into her as You pour into me daily. I know that You can do all things and can bring the love we once had back in full strength. Surely some people say that it only takes two in a marriage for things to get better, but I know that this is false. It takes three, because only by You and Your mighty hand can anything get better. It is when the person in the wrong cries out to You in their confessions, do they see what evil state they are in and repent. This turning away from sin and unto You is what saves them and their marriage from hard ache and divorce. So I pray for Your conviction to enter every spouses heart that is causing a rift in their marriage. They surely are not right with You, if they are doing this. And if it both spouses that need to work on things, lead them to know what to do, in order for things to get better. Your counsel is greater than our own or what we can receive from people. I love You and respect Your counsel for my life. I am happier and there is more love in my life and others when I honor You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, thank You for anointing Your people and myself with the gift of the Holy Spirit. We are so lost without You and are truly grateful to have true direction in this life. Every time we come to You, we find counsel and wisdom and are so humbled to receive it. Thank You for giving us knowledge and leading us on your path of righteousness. This is what we need to be happy. There is hope, because You have us by the hand and are leading us now. Apart from You, there is no joy, but only guilt and shame. We can find joy for a time, but it never lasts and are always back trying to find something better in life that will fulfil our lusts. These types of feelings are so destructive and never lead me to happiness, Lord. I am only more desirous of things that I don't have and need and covetousness enters my wicked heart. So Lord, I pray that I may never be ruled over by the flesh again. Instead, I pray that You will lead me and guide me. My desire is to have you build me up with Your strength and not my own any longer. From this day forward, will follow You and not just say I believe. It is my true desire to make You Lord of my life and have You remove anything that is causing a right in our relationship. So may there be less of me and more of You in my life. Only by abiding in You can I ever experience what true joy is like. You are my King and I come to You now in honor and praise. I exalt Your holy Name, Jesus. Please help me know what to do now and I will do more than listen, but follow Your every footsteps. It is with great pleasure to do whatsoever You command me. I love You Lord. Amen.
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