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Category: Prayers (04-2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that every person in the faith will desire to live for You and no longer for this world. Break the chains of addiction in every person's life that believes in You. May they no longer be in bondage of sin but find an escape in You, starting today. I know that as we walk in the ways of the world our flesh is carnal and our desires are far from You. In doing this, we are children of the flesh and are headed on a path to destruction. This I know because my life was like this for many years until I found You. In all my sins, I came unto You in prayer, having great sorrow for every wicked deed I had committed. I did not wish to live this type of life any longer and needed Your deliverance. Therefore, You took me in and showed me compassion. I did not deserve it, but You had mercy upon me anyways. Thank You Jesus. I know that You can see into each of our hearts and who is sincere in their faith in You. For this, I am grateful that You saw my heart felt desires to repent. If You had not come into my life and changed me from within, I would be so lost and heartbroken. Now, my life is alive in Your love. I am Your child and can look to the future, for You are able to do great things in my life. May Your Spirit ever be my guide and lead me in the ways of righteousness. I love You God more than all things. You are my delight. Amen.
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Lord God, I pray that we learn the importance of our faith in You and no longer do our own things to serve you. For I know that my own works are only filthy rags. I can do nothing of my own will to show my faith in You, but only through seeking You daily in prayer and Bible study will I know how to serve You better. It is not what I feel is good but what You feel is good in my life that matters. My ways are destructive but Your ways are righteous and pure. Therefore, I come unto You daily for a refreshing of Your knowledge and great counsel for my life. I know that I am weak but am made strong in You. Only in You, Jesus, do I know the way and am able to walk in it. My desires are to not only say that I love You but to demonstrate that same love in action, while doing what You say. So Lord, poor down Your Spirit upon me. Overflow my being with Your presence. Teach me to walk in Your ways. Lead me away from temptation and every wicked way. I do not wish to quench the Spirit but to be led by the Spirit. So please help me to walk in Your good works, that You have ordained for us all. I love Your ways and want to always do Your will and not my own. You are my Savior and I need You to take me by the hand and lead me safely home. I rely on You, Lord, for the safety of my soul. In You, there is salvation, and therefore, my heart ever wants to be with You and never leave Your side. I love You Lord. Amen.
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