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Category: Prayers (03-2019)

Oh Lord, truly Your words speak to us each day that we read and study them in the Bible. Thank You for opening my eyes to Your truths and the principles in the verses of Acts, chapter 12. It has surely been a blessing to read what took place with James and Peter. This has helped me learn more about persecution, prayer and honoring You. I am so glad that these verses have stood out, in order to teach me a lesson in these different areas of our faith. Surely, in my walk with You, there will be persecutions, for I have already felt it in my time evangelizing. There are days that people are interested in the gospel and other days when people are not kind and say and do mean things. This I know will happen, but I trust in You Lord for deliverance. Your presence gives me peace and helps me go forward in spreading Your gospel message. It is prayer that comforts me and gives me encouragement for the task at hand. I trust that You will lead me to the lost and those that are waiting for Your message of hope. Even a person's sickness or addiction can be healed through prayer. I have seen such miracles take place and I give You all the glory. It was nothing I could do on my own or the person that was with me, but Your hand in the person's life that was healed. If anyone is changed from the inside or out, it is because the Spirit of God has moved inside of them. You are our God and we give You all the praise and glory. I love You Lord. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that many people will read and hear the conversion story of Saul, who later became Paul, and be uplifted by his story. What took place in his life was truly remarkable indeed, for he was as wicked as you could get and You still had compassion on him. You took a person like him, who persecuted the church, and used him for Your kingdom. This truly gives us all hope. It not only shows Your amazing grace and how forgiving You are, but that any one of us can come unto You for forgiveness also. We may have anger and rage in our hearts but through Your peace, we are healed. We may be addicted to porn, drugs, or alcohol but through Your power, we are able to escape the bonds of sin. Even temptation will not easily cause us to fall, for Your armor is able to build us up. As with the story of Saul, You did not cause Your wrath to be upon him, but instead caused Your mercy to fall upon him, even in the place he was at. You are a just God who does punish the wicked but also gives the wicked a chance for a new life, if they come unto You. Surely, You are a gracious God, full of mercy and goodness. This I know, for You have shown it to me, through Your presence. I know that I should have also died, while I was in my sins and be sent to hell, but instead You came unto me. In this, I listened to Your call. On my knees I fell and called upon You, Jesus. I was done with a life of sin and shame and was ready to follow You. What a wonderful day that was Lord. It was the beginning of this new life that You've given me. I am safe, because I am Your arms forever. I love You Lord. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray for every person in the faith. May their faith sustain them when trials and even persecutions come their way. I know that times can be hard and so many people have already given up hope in You and their faith because of it. Because of this, I hope and pray that there will be those that have the heart to endure this, even when persecution comes their way. I know that some people have to endure more trials than others. The same can be said for those that have to endure more persecutions than most. In these times, it is surely a blessing to hear that people that have not left their one true love, which is You, Jesus. That they were willing to go all the way and do whatever was possible, even unto death for Your cause. What a blessing to hear people growing as a community of believers even when great sorrow has hit their lands and the people they love. This truly demonstrates their great love for You and what they are willing to do for Your sake. I know Lord that witnessing Your truths comes as a cost. Not everyone has been willing to listen and many have ridiculed me. In all this, Your faith has never failed me. Through these experiences, my faith has grown even stronger. My love for You and other people is elevated. Even my passion and boldness is greater than ever. And in these difficult moments, everything makes sense when You are with me. I know that all these things are for my growth and learning in the faith. For this reason, I am privileged to be Your witness at any cost to myself. I will go and find the lost sheep, no matter if my life is at stake. It is all for You Jesus. I love you more than this life. In Your holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I am so grateful to know You and to be a part of Your church. As Your disciple, You have called me to be an evangelist and I am honored to serve You. To go out in Your harvest and bring lost souls into Your kingdom is the greatest thing I could ever do. What a blessed calling this is for my life. Thank You for also helping me understand Your Words in the Bible, that I might properly write messages on them and teach others. This gift can only be from You and for this, I give You all the glory. Thank You for using me for Your greater good. I was so lost before I found You and these gifts have given meaning and strength to my life. Every time I am able to pray over somebody, it lifts up spirits. When other people's walk with You is elevated, my faith is increased as well. Declaring You as my witness of salvation brings me so much joy and I can't help but tell everyone about Your great love. Surely, Your calling for my life has changed everything about me and those people I affect. And one thing I know for sure is that everyone has a different calling from You. All they have to do is seek You, and their gifts will also be made known to them. I pray that everyone that says that they are a Christian or believe in You, will desire to obtain these spiritual gifts and be used for Your greater good. Then, will many more lost souls be saved. This I pray, in Your holy name, Jesus, Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people will learn from the story of Ananias And Sapphira, in Acts, chapter 5, and not be found in a lie like they were and died for it. I know that You are the same God that judged these people in their deceits and found them guilty, and will do the same for anyone that wrongs you. For You, Lord, do not tolerate people that only want to go half way for Your kingdom. People that give a portion of what they have for You are not truly in it for Your glory but themselves. These are those that lie and deceive, and unfortunately lead others to do the same. This I what I call, Lord, wolves in sheep's clothing, for they are not living for your sake at all. Please Lord, help those in the faith remember to give their whole hearts to You, that they may not become people like this as well. To some, It is a big ask for them to live their lives entirely for you, but I know that it is worth it. I'd rather do all I can for Your glory then to be lifted up in my own self. And Lord, those that are striving to live a life for You, help us to not fall victim to sin or lie to one another. I do not wish to die, knowing that I had lied to someone or fallen into sin, without repenting first. So please help me continue to abide in You, that I may not fall. And if I do, pick me back up and point me back in the right direction again. This I will confess my sins, that Your blood may cover me. My wish Lord, is to come home to You with honor. It is Your righteousness that I need in my life. That is what gives me strength. I love You Lord. Amen.
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