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Each time a woman has an abortion, she is committing murder. People go to jell and killed for this same act but they are getting off scot free.

Churches In Our Day

There is no other way to heaven but through Jesus Christ. The words of the Bible are our guide. Those that read God’s word daily will know the way.

Do Not Displease The Lord

The Lord spoke to my heart when I was caught up in my wicked ways. He was loving enough to take me in but also just in His dealings with me.

Jesus Satisfies My Soul

The day I gave my heart to Jesus, I was changed. My eyes were opened to His great love. His mercy has given me hope for a new day.

Praise The Lord From The Inside Out

Let us be consumed in Jesus’s love. For His love changes us from within. Let us speak of Him and also live His truths in our life.

God’s Grace Is In My Life

How amazing God’s Grace is in my life. I was surely a wretched person before I gave my life to Jesus. How amazing that He can save a person such as me. I once was lost but have now been found. I can truly see Jesus’s love in my life now. He changed my broken and […]