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Category: Matthew

Forgive And Love Others

The Lord knows our thoughts better than we think. If we have any hard feelings against anyone, He knows. He knows when we haven’t fully forgiven someone.

Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen

“Many are called but few are chosen”. There is an invite to all to accept the Lord Jesus into their hearts. He gives everyone a free gift of eternal life if we follow Him.

Give Your Heart To Jesus

We must not rely on other people who know God. There words are great but if we don’t have the Lord in our lives than we won’t be saved.

Light To The World

I believe that one day God’s glory will reign down on earth. I can’t keep this to myself. All the world needs to know that Jesus saves.

Share The Love Of God

Come to know the Lord that He may do miracles in your life. Seek Him with all your heart. Let your days be found in worship to our mighty God.

Surrender To Jesus

I proclaim to all people that Jesus is the way to salvation. If you have not changed your life and given yourselves to Him do it today. It’s never too late.

Jesus Is My Healer

Oh Lord, your love has taken me by storm. I was lost but am made whole again. You have taken my chains and made me free.

Jesus Gives Life

Oh Lord, I am filled by your everlasting love. I can feel your peace within my heart. When I am tired and weak you lift me up.

Awake To The Lord

The Lord expects more of His followers than just Sunday worship. We are to seek Him daily and follow His teachings.

Our Father In Heaven Is Perfect

We are blessed to have a perfect Father. We can count on Him in all things. He will never let us down. He is the most loving of all.

Counsel Family Members With Love

Be an example for the Lord. Share His teachings with your family. If anyone in your family is lost than counsel with them. Help them come to Jesus.

Jesus Is Most Important

Anything that the world puts ahead of Jesus is not worth living for. Only through following Jesus will be saved. He should be our number one focus.

Love Is The Key

Let Jesus’s love burn in your soul. For it is like nothing you have ever felt. When you experience it you will never go back to how you once were.

Do Charity For Others In Secret

I give my heart to You Jesus. Where You go I will go. You are my light. Guide me to the needy. Guide me to the sick. Guide me to the hungry.

Where Are Your Priorities?

My priorities with God are in prayer, His Word, music, church, and spreading His Gospel. I can feel the Lord’s Presence.