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Category: Daily Prayers

Lord God, I know that many people are now consumed with worldly things that take their time away from their family, friends, spouse and most importantly You. At the same time, their desires for things have not stopped. They want so much and at the same time are unable to give themselves. I know that this is because Your love is missing in these people's lives. Because people have filled their lives with so much darkness Your love has no place in them. I pray that people will be humbled, this day. May they desire something greater in their lives. May they see what people are doing for them and realize that they are not doing so much themselves. May this prick their hearts and have them look to You for forgiveness and mercy. You have the power to change their lives and scatter the darkness that is within them. As many people I know are like this, I ask that You help them as well. It is love that this world needs. Help them and every person understand that loving one another is Your calling for us. We surely cannot say we love You if loving one another is not a part of our lives. Help us be valiant and faithful to You and to our fellow men and women. I trust in You God. I love You. Amen.
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Oh Lord God, many times we say things and never follow through it. This is especially difficult when we know that we promised to be there for our spouse, through thick and thin, and have strayed from doing so. I know that many people know this to be true. They made a vow at marriage to love their spouse and do anything for them till the end, and now they find themselves doing things only for themselves and some may have been unfaithful. I know that I am a culprit of this as well. I know that I have not treated my spouse the best over these years and I am sorry Lord. Even my words now don't do anything unless I show actions. And one thing I know Lord is that once the flame goes out, it is hard to light it again. I surely need Your help on this matter, as do many other people in marriages. We realize that we have not been the most faithful husband or wife, that we promised to be, but trust in You now and pray that our marriages will be healed. Yes Lord, come and put Your healing hand on my marriage and others that are broken. May we remember our vows and start to be true to them all over again. You have the power to do this in our lives. I know that You can do all things. I love You Lord. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people's hearts, ears and eyes will be turned to You and, if married, to their spouse. So many people are wasting their life away doing things that are not pleasing anyone, especially their spouse. When their focus is on electronic devices and the TV, it is only drawing them away from what is most important in their life. Not only are You neglected, God, but their beloved spouse is also left out of the picture. And what these people are replacing in their lives with is really disgusting. Lord, not only are people neglecting their You and their spouse but also filing their lives with so much lust, covetousness and sexual sin. I know how bad these things are since I was a victim of such things. You know God, better than I do, how such filth almost destroyed my marriage. It is truly a miracle God, that my wife stuck with me, since that time. I give You all the praise and her thanks for being there for me when I needed it most. You lifted me up and brought me out of the darkness and she continued to trust in me. Although I had fallen short, I knew that my life was not over yet. I could still get back on track with You, God, and my wife. I love You and my wife more than ever now. Thank You Lord. Amen.
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Oh Lord, You have taught me how important it is to stay true to my spouse. To never allow anything to take away my love for her. There are many temptations to look elsewhere but my wife is my beloved and I pray that You will help build up our relationship each and every day. I know that my love can only last for a time but with Your love combined, I am more than able to love her as You would have me do. Romance is important and I pray that it will come into my marriage more than ever before. There are some days that I can talk a good talk but my actions don’t always speak the same way. Therefore, Lord, may my words stay true to my actions, as I showcase my true love to my spouse. When I tell her that I love her, help me to truly mean it. I want her to know that I am all in and would do anything for her. I know that love without actions means nothing, therefore, come and lead me by the hand. Help me love her as I love You. And as You love me, may I love my wife the same. She deserves it. How blessed I am to be married to such a sweet wife and mother of our two beautiful daughters. This is all because of You Lord. You had a hand in all of this. Thank You Jesus. I love You. Amen.
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Oh Lord God, we need You to come and strengthen our marriage. Without Your love in our lives, we are not able to make the strides we need to better our love for one another. Often times we fall short and say things that we shouldn't. Surely our foot gets in the mouth and we often say things that are hurtful. Only Your love can help us speak with true love and passion towards our spouse. You move us to care for and administer to their needs. I know this, as I am often found doing things for my wife when I hadn't done that same thing for ages. This is because You give me direction and know her needs better than I do. Then, when I put my trust in You, these same acts of kindness and romantic gestures continue to happen. With Your love, the sparks are back and in full force. They can get tangled up in this world but Your love comes in the picture and resurrects our hearts to truly love. I know that I am incapable of loving like You do, therefore, I reach for You Lord. I need You to update the atmosphere. When love is hard to find, Your love comes and soothes the hearts of everyone in the room. I am grateful that You have come and brought new life, hope and love in my marriage. May it continue to grow. I love You. Amen.
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Lord God, please help us love those in our family as You love us. Often times we learn about loving our neighbor and give to the needy, while our family suffers. I know God that those in need, need our help but our family does too. Help me learn to love my parents, brothers and sisters, wife and kids with Your love. May they no longer be left out but instead be sought after and cared for. May we be more in tune to their needs and respond in a big way. Give us over to truly know and understand more about their lives. This way, we will react and help them when things are going south. I am grateful for the Bible and the lessons learned from Solomon's first wife in "Song Of Solomon 3". I pray that as people read this chapter that they will be influenced by the love that was shown. Then, as they understand that their family's needs are as important, may they respond to their needs in a similar way. I know that I need to do this more as well. As I look around my family, I can see that each one of their lives are in need of something. That is why I need Your counsel and guidance. Whatever their needs are now, let me find them out and help care for them. May Your peace rest upon their souls. I love You Lord. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I know that the world we live in is so dark and so many people need Your light to brighten their lives. Such darkness comes from many different things, especially abortion. The fact that it is legal to kill an unborn child is so devastating. People think that making such choices is OK, but I know God, how much you despise it. The Holy Spirit confirms to me that Your wrath is upon such people that commit these killings. Please open their eyes to the wickedness therein. Bear witness to these people how much it breaks Your heart to see unborn or born children die. I do not wish these people to be cast out into hell when they have a chance to repent. There still is time Lord. May the lost repent and come to You fully. Then can Your blood cover them. I know that there is mercy and forgiveness for those that turn from their sins and follow You. Your grace is for everyone, no matter our crimes. Thank You for helping me come out of a life of sin. You were the one that helped me and now my life is healed. Thank You. I trust in You Lord. My life is to follow You. I love You. Amen.
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Lord, I need You. Your love is greater than my own. I need love that lasts and can continue to impact lives for the better, especially my wife's. Your love moves me to do things that I am incapable of on my own. But in the same light, it is what I need in my marriage. Come and raise me up into Your everlasting love, that it might stir inside of me and do something amazing in my life and my marriage. I know that what I have with her can be elevated. I trust in You to help me say and do things that are genuine. I may not be the best at describing my feelings but with You in my life, I am able to converse and talk with her and not feel intimidated. You help me showcase love through words and even actions. My wife knows she is beautiful and loved when You are moving me to genuinely care for her. You turn my thoughts upon her and put excitement back into my life. Surely, I can't wait to have her around that I might see her beautiful countenance. I can't wait to spend time with my love. Lord, You have brought me to this place and I am humbled to have such a sweet wife. I love You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that my marriage and others will be strengthened. Come and showcase Your love within my marriage and all others that are struggling. We need You to move us in a new light, starting today. We know that our marriage is important but for it to be revived, Your hand needs to be involved. You can help bring that passion for our spouse, even though it is lacking now. We can only do and try so much but with Your power in our lives, we are more than capable of showcasing Your great love towards one another. Yes, Your love can take us to places we have never experienced before. We will do and say things that are out of ordinary. Like tell our spouse, on a frequent basis, how beautiful and precious they are to us. You can move us to tell them more often, how much we love them. How deep our soul longs for them. That they are our greatest love aside from You. This will revive our hearts to do more for one another. To listen to their needs and act on them. To carry out Your desires in their lives. What a great thing, this will do to rejuvenate my marriage and others. I trust in You God. You can do all things in me and my spouse and my marriage. She is my delight and no other woman will bring me love like she does. I love You Lord. Amen.
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Lord God, we come to You now in all humility. Teach us God, on how to serve You. Our flesh is weak but You can help us fight against all temptation. Your armor helps us live according to Your will. We know that our own will power will fail us over time but You are able to build us up and help us resist. Yes God, we do not wish to be influenced by the evils of this world and fall victim to sin and death. Even the riches of this world do not compare to the love found in You. So we come to You for forgiveness and mercy. We need You in our life Lord. We need Your love. Come and shine Your light upon us that this love may indwell inside of each of us. We know that Your commandments are important and with this love, we are more than capable of loving like You do. Your love is amazing and it changes us each day that we seek You. May this same love come from us and into other people's lives, that they may also draw nearer to You. May this love influence us to give to those in need, including our church. Guide us to those that are needy that we may help them. This we do in order to serve You, my King. We give You all the glory. We love You Lord. Amen.
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Oh Lord, we call upon Your Name, that You may fill us with the Holy Spirit. Allow us into Your awesome presence, that we may learn of You, my King. Give us wisdom. Help show us the way. We are here to rest a while with You, for You are our delight. There is nothing like You, God. Nowhere else can we find refuge from the storms of life. There is no place else where we can experience eternal joy and happiness. We need the peace that only You can bring. We are lost without You. Thank You Lord for Your forgiveness and mercy. I can feel Your compassion and am amazed by Your grace. Thank You for putting Your arms around me and wiping away my tears away. When I am down, You are always there for me. You lift me up. My sorrows are no more, when Your peace fills my soul. Your love is amazing and it changes everything. Surely, my burdens are light because You are in my life. Thank You for caring so deeply for me. I love You, my dear Lord and Savior. My hope is in You. Amen.
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Lord God, this gift of life is surely amazing. I cannot even fathom how you created us all. I am left in awe just thinking about my children and how they came about. What precious babies they were and now they are still so beautiful as they age. I am so blessed to have my daughters and wife in my life. Each of them brings me so much joy. They give off this light that is contagious. Thank You for the love they show me. I know that it was You that made it all possible. You ordained my family from the beginning. Now, with Your light in my life I can guide them to know what is right and what is wrong. I can teach them Your ways, that they may also come to know You also. In order to help raise my children, with my wife, I understand that childish things are in the past. It is important to put off the dark things of the past and follow You. If Your light falls from my countenance, I know that my children will stumble also. So please help me and my wife fight temptation and to always seek You. We only want to follow You Lord. You are the light of our lives and we love You. Our hope is in You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that you will shine your light upon us. Give us vision, dear Lord. Cause us to uphold what is righteous and hate what is evil. Just as you love the sinner but hate the sin, may we also do the same when it comes to the wickedness of this world. May we never be partakers in evil things that only cause Your light to scatter. One of these wicked and vile things that I worry so much about Lord is Halloween. I know for a fact that many so-called Christians are on the streets with their kids on that day. And as their kids are going out trick-or-treating, the darkness of that day is seeping into their lives. So much darkness is contained in the costumes and haunted houses, that I fear for their souls. I do not wish these same people to get caught up in the acts of Satan, this year. May these people learn of the darkness that is contained therein and stay far away from it. Just as You have told Paul to avoid all appearance of evil, I ask that You help people to understand that Halloween is also evil and to avoid it as well. It did take a coming out of my addiction to finally come to Your light and see the darkness of Halloween, but now I am able to spot it at first glance. You have given me vision Lord and I pray that more people will begin to be guided by You. I love You Lord. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I know that there is a great need in this world and as Christians, we can make a big difference. People don't have to continue to suffer under our watch any longer. As we are walking down the street and see a person that is homeless, we could offer them some money, some food or water, our coat, our hat, and even our shoes. Even, while we are driving and see people in need, we could listen to the Holy Spirit's prompting and stop and care for them. You Lord, give us patience and a kind and generous heart. Nothing is ever a rush when You have someone in need and we are the one to care for them. Lord, may Your promptings be heard, even when we are at the store. Yes, God, when people in front of us are checking out and are struggling to pay their groceries, give us boldness to step up and pay the rest. And if we are well off, give us a desire to pay it all for them, that they may have money later and not suffer. I know that we are to be a light to this generation, and I pray that we all become one today. To be used by You, God, is the most amazing thing ever and I pray that more people will experience it today. It truly is amazing to see people in need be comforted and find peace. We do this for Your glory Lord. It is because we love You and our neighbor. I love You Lord. Amen.
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Oh Lord, my God, I pray that Your wisdom will fall down upon us. May our flesh be no longer given over to the things of this world but unto Your will. Help us tame the lusts of the flesh, that we may walk in Your love. Come and scatter the darkness, that we may walk in Your light. May Satan no longer have power over us, that we may walk and no longer stumble through life. In sin, our vision is clouded and we cannot help but trip and fall when temptation is at the door. For this Lord, we wish that sin may no longer be a part of our lives. Build us up with Your armor. May we be fighters for what is righteous and learn to hate what is evil. So many people are in darkness and need Your deliverance. Help us be a light to them. Give us ears to hear and new eyes, that we may see. Lead us to the lost, that we may share Your message of hope with them. May we find the broken and open hearted and then lead them to You, Jesus. You have the power to free them from bondage, and all addiction, and for this, we are here to bring these people to You. May they experience Your matchless power and find mercy and forgiveness. I trust in You, Jesus. You are my hope and the rock of my salvation. I love You Lord. Amen.
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Lord God, we believe in You. You are our Father and we are grateful to be Your children. It is Your love and kindness that strengths us daily. As we read Your Words, the Bible, our faith is strengthened. We are not alone, for You have sent the Comforter to lead us to know the truth. The Holy Spirit is our guide. Thank You Lord. When I pray, I know that You are right there. You listen to my prayers and give me answers. You have opened my eyes to things that I've questioned. I've been strengthened to know where to go in life. This world is very deceiving but Your love and care for us is what nurtures us. Thank You for relieving me from my addictions that have plagued my life. For many years I did not know how to break free until the light finally came on one day. I was not being helped because I was not seeking You. There was no time for You, so how could You help me and set me free. This realization has changed me. Now, I look to You and everything is different. Your Words are what guide me, in this lost world. Prayer moves me to do what is right. Because I've made time for You, everything has worked out for my good. Thank You for helping me understand this. I am so grateful. I love You. Amen.
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