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The Wise Men

…a sign of Jesus’s birth and they had 1“come to worship him.” They didn’t know where the “King of the Jews” was but they came to Jerusalem to find Him…. Continue Reading

Always Remember Jesus

…this time of year, because of all the manger scenes on display and the many songs of Jesus’s birth on the radio, however, Jesus should always be remembered. The things… Continue Reading

O Come Emmanuel

…message, we will focus on the prophesy of Immanuel, His name that was given to the Lord at His birth and how He would forever be known for. Speaking to… Continue Reading

Thankful For Women

I give thanks to all mothers and soon to be mothers for all you have to go through in child birth. What you are doing is an amazing thing. To… Continue Reading

Prayers: November 2017

…was wonderful proclaiming the good news of Your birth to those on the streets. I loved to share with them how You were born to save us from our sins…. Continue Reading

My Hope Is In Christ Alone

…he shall save his people from their sins.” This was the most memorable birth of all mankind. Our God had finally come to save His people from their sins. Aren’t… Continue Reading

The Genealogy Of Jesus

So often we read the story of Jesus’s birth but do not give much credence to His genealogy and where the Lord came from. So today, we will cover this… Continue Reading

Oh Lord, You are so good to me and to all people. For Your humble birth has changed everything. We were lost but You have come to save us all from our sins. We did not have a way home, but You prepared it for us. We needed someone to step in and save us and You did so with no hesitation. You surely are our Savior and King. I am touched by everything You have done for me. Your birth has given me high hopes on life. Your death on the cross, has given me mercy that I don't deserve. Your resurrection has given me new life. I am made new because of Your great love for me. Your sacrifice for mankind is deserving of all our praise. I pray that everyone will think of what You've done and honor You. May they give their ear to Your Holy Words in the Bible and pray more earnestly. Where else can we go for wisdom and knowledge. You are the bread of life and we ought to come to You for the nourishment and guidance that we need. Without You there is only darkness, therefore, come and shine brightly before us. Have Your way within us that all may see. Give us courage to share Your gospel with everyone. Fill us with boldness and a desire to be used in Your kingdom. I am honored and blessed to go out into Your harvest and share Your great love with the world. You are the reason why I live and for this, I will do all things for You, Jesus. I am Yours. My hope is in You. I love You. Amen.
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Prayers: December 2016

…for sending down Your only Son to free us from sin. Jesus’s birth brings new light to all those that have fallen. He brings good news to all those that… Continue Reading

God’s Goodness In Us

…say, that an untimely birth is better than he.” As was explained here, our life would surely be meaningless if we were not filled with what is good and then… Continue Reading

Mother’s Day

…being raised by two mother’s, one being my birth mom and the other, being my step mother. Each one of them sacrificed their own time to raise me right. Because… Continue Reading

Oh Lord, I pray that the prophesy and fulfillment of Your birth will spark more people into not only believing but following You. Yes, God, I know that this prophesy of You coming into the world, 700 years before your birth, was important enough as for Ahaz, Isaiah and Micah to find out about it. And as You are supreme and never go against Your Words, You were born in Bethlehem as prophesied. People did come to know You as the King of the Jews, which is your rightful calling. Yes God, You are the Lord of all, who has come to save us all from our sins. You are my King and therefore my desire is to come unto You often through the Bible and prayer. May Your counsel and teachings rest upon me and give me new insights on life and how to fulfill Your will. My desires are to follow You and do as You command. For I am nothing without You, Lord. Because You came into this world, I have a new found freedom that did not exist before. You came and suffered for my sins that I may not suffer for my own sins. You paid the price and took all my baggage upon Yourself, that I might live again. Thank You Lord. May You ever be with me that I may be led away from temptation and follow You. You are my delight, so lead me into Your light. I love You. Amen.
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