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Come To God In Trials

When we are in trials it is easy to blame God, though He is never the cause. When things aren’t turning around as fast as people like, they shift their… Continue Reading

Turn To God In Trials

In trials, come to God for deliverance. Never stand alone for He is able to bear us up when we need Him the most. Even when circumstances seem unbearable, peace… Continue Reading


We are tried and afflicted so often in our lives. Even those that follow Jesus go through trials that bring so much pain and turmoil.. We often think to ourselves,… Continue Reading

Have No Fear

There are times in life that we feel all alone. The trials we are facing are too difficult to bear. We wander not knowing where to go next. Nobody seems… Continue Reading

Take Up Your Cross

…joy and happiness in this life and the life to come in heaven. Take up your cross and be willing to live for Jesus even through trials. Just like Jesus… Continue Reading

Thankful For Women

…no drugs that will lift you up like the Lord. His love will take you like a storm that is beating on your heart and carry you through all trials…. Continue Reading

The Fruits Of The Spirit

…even among strife. 5 4. Longsuffering: Patiently endure life’s trials and hardships. As we suffer, we are patient even without complaining. 5 5. Gentleness: Kind or tender hearted towards others…. Continue Reading