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Fight Against Temptation

…this world? The answer is, we cannot fight this fight alone. We may have good intentions but without the Holy Spirit, by our side, we are like walking ducks. Temptations… Continue Reading

Prayers: November 2017

…resist temptation. Build us up with faith that can resist the devil. Lord, give us courage to fight against what is wrong and live for what is right. Help us… Continue Reading

Be Sober Minded

…drinking and sexual sin, will only quench the Spirit. This is when temptation will have full force in our lives and it will be hard to resist. We are called… Continue Reading

The Lord’s Prayer

…have wronged us or have debts. The Lord’s prayer continues with, 1“And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.” There is so much temptation and the flesh… Continue Reading

Earnest Prayers To God

…God and what He has done for your life. Pray that the temptation of the evil one will no longer influence your life. That you may withstand temptation. In your… Continue Reading

Prayers: June 2017

…walk in Your ways. Forgive me, as I am sinner. I am sorry for falling into temptation. Shield my eyes from evil. I can’t bear to stand without You in… Continue Reading