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The Lord’s Prayer

good. The Lord’s prayer surely is a roadmap we can all use in our daily prayer life. Also know that Jesus wants a sincere heart in prayer. He doesn’t appreciate… Continue Reading

Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests Section. Each prayer is a topic and will be listed for all people to see when posted. People have the opportunity to post a prayer or comment on… Continue Reading

Prayer And Fasting

fasting and prayer. Let it be known, that not everybody is capable of doing amazing things in God’s kingdom, unless prayer and fasting is involved. Truly miracles are still happening,… Continue Reading

Prayer For Forgiveness

prayer, 2“O lord God of my salvation, I have cried day and night before thee: Let my prayer come before thee: incline thine ear unto my cry.” Though he was… Continue Reading

Oh Lord, truly Your words speak to us each day that we read and study them in the Bible. Thank You for opening my eyes to Your truths and the principles in the verses of Acts, chapter 12. It has surely been a blessing to read what took place with James and Peter. This has helped me learn more about persecution, prayer and honoring You. I am so glad that these verses have stood out, in order to teach me a lesson in these different areas of our faith. Surely, in my walk with You, there will be persecutions, for I have already felt it in my time evangelizing. There are days that people are interested in the gospel and other days when people are not kind and say and do mean things. This I know will happen, but I trust in You Lord for deliverance. Your presence gives me peace and helps me go forward in spreading Your gospel message. It is prayer that comforts me and gives me encouragement for the task at hand. I trust that You will lead me to the lost and those that are waiting for Your message of hope. Even a person's sickness or addiction can be healed through prayer. I have seen such miracles take place and I give You all the glory. It was nothing I could do on my own or the person that was with me, but Your hand in the person's life that was healed. If anyone is changed from the inside or out, it is because the Spirit of God has moved inside of them. You are our God and we give You all the praise and glory. I love You Lord. Amen.
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Lord God, please help us all have a greater desire to commune with You in prayer. May this become a heartfelt thing and not just something we do as a religious ritual. Only by having a real relationship with you, may we truly understand Your will and be drawn to do things that are extraordinary in Your sight. And God, help every Christian understand the need to fast. You were the greatest example of this act and did so for forty days. This, You did, that we may understand the need to fast. You also taught that some demons can only be cast out through prayer and fasting. And as everyone in the faith ought to be ready to fight off the demonic forces, we ought to also fast when needed. And God, You will help us know when this is necessary. Whenever the Holy Spirit is not present, I know that it is important to give you everything, including anything that is holding us back. And often times this takes a lot out of us to change in this way. That is why I am so grateful for fasting and to know that You are working through us in those moments to change us from the inside out. That way, when we come out of our fast, our Spiritual life is renewed and we are made alive again. I know that You have the power to save us all, if we just give ourselves over to You. This I know, as my life has been changed in these moments of fasting. Even many miracles have come of it. I love You Jesus. And I say these things in thy Holy Name. Amen.
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Daily Prayer:
Lord, Your harvest is surely plentiful. Surely, many that are lost are not ready but few are. I am grateful for those few that we found tonight. Even if a few people's faith was strengthened through prayer, that is enough. If you could use us to pray over people that they might find peace, I rejoice. For You had a hand in all of this. But Lord, You did more than even this. Your Name was proclaimed upon the hillside. Many people were able to know about Your great Name, because the Holy Spirit led us. Thank You for putting in my heart the means to speak to a Mormon. I knew that without You, I could not know how to get through to this man. But with Your love, I was able to present the gospel with love and truth. The truth of Your great Name and the cross is so important. It is so important that we find out Your truths and not be led astray. Thank You for helping me get through to him, through sharing the gospel. I am grateful that he received prayer as well. Lord, You did it all. You used each of us to declare Your great Name. And it was beautiful, indeed. I love You. I trust In You above all. Amen.
January 5, 2018
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Daily Prayer:
Lord, I pray for anyone that has not committed to follow You. If their faith is wavering, will You come to them and pierce their hearts, this day. Even this very hour, help them realize the danger they are in. If they are not being led by the Spirt than destruction is in their path. Lord, give them desires to come back to You. Help them truly seek You with their whole heart. I know how it is to not be all in. When my faith is lacking, I easily give into temptation and sin. My faith is not strong enough to resist temptation. It is only by following You, Lord, that helps. Continuing to read the Bible, helps me stay on the right path. Your words strengthen me. Prayer just tops it off. Thank You Lord for giving me direction. It is truly Your teachings that have led me to live uprightly. Scripture and prayer has led me to repentance and confession. Thank You for Your forgiveness and mercy. I am forever grateful. I love You. Amen.
January 18, 2018
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Daily Prayer:
Oh Lord, I pray that more people that proclaim themselves to be Christians, also act the part. May they gain understanding from the Bible, church pastors and other people in the faith and let the message absorb in their hearts. Help them to act on what they have been taught and truly live for You, Lord. It is my prayer that during the week, they continue to seek You. Help them overcome temptation, as they rely on You for understanding. May they be wise in Your wisdom and no longer rely on their own understanding. Help them understand that only You can lead us to heaven. We may have good ideas but only relying on Your counsel is to salvation. I know that I am capable of only doing so much in life and at that, going so far. Without You, I am lost. My life has no light when You are not there. This is when I make foolish decisions and fall back into my old ways of doing things and thinking. Help me and those in the faith to never rely on ourselves fully but in You and Your Word for understanding and knowledge. Help us to be humble at all times. That when you speak to our hearts, through the Bible, prayer and other people, that we will be open to accept Your message of hope. I love You Lord. My hope is in You and what You can do for my life and through it. Amen.
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