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Prayers: December 2017

…special, since I can reflect on Your magnificent birth. Your coming into the world has given me great hope. I am no longer under sin and condemnation but under Your… Continue Reading

Tell Everyone About Jesus

unto Christ. Now thinking of the Shepherds, at Jesus’s birth, do you think that they were the best people to communicate the good news of the birth? Maybe not, but… Continue Reading

Book Of Mormon: Examining 5 Things

… “Jesus” Search Bible Teaching: It wasn’t until right before Jesus’s birth that someone used the name “Christ” or “Jesus”. These names first appeared with Jesus’s genealogy and birth in… Continue Reading

Unto Us A Child Is Born

Before Jesus was born, Isaiah prophesied of His birth. Isaiah lived 700 years before Christ but still was able to see into the Lord’s day. As he opened his mouth,… Continue Reading